Back At It Again #DamnVans

Vault by Vans Latest Design

vault-by-vans-authentic-stingray-leather-2Hype or Die?

Vault by Vans has revealed their newest take on the Authentic silhouette made out of premium stingray leather. Before you protest, the skin is a byproduct of food production collected from Thailand. These low top sneakers come in two colorways: black and burgundy. Both colorways come with matching laces and a white diamond on the front of the shoe. Hypebeasts and skaters alike will be after these shoes, but are they just hype?

vans-stingray-collection-03Cop or Drop?

Vans has been on every hypebeasts’ radar after their collaboration with Jerry Lorenzo’s F.O.G (Fear of God). But Van’s history goes way back and has been the beloved brand of skaters for years. Created in 1966 by brothers Paul Van Doren and Jim Van Doren, this brand has been worn by skaters for over 50 years.

For me….this shoe is a cop. The minimal style type goes hand in hand with what Vans has done for years. The stingray leather and diamond design don’t appear over the top and only add to the classic shape. I honestly hope these shoes don’t blow up so I can get a pair for myself!


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