adidas Y-3’s Latest High Top #Toohigh

Adidas Y-3: The Atta


Hype or Die?

adidas reveals the latest in their Y-3 line designed by Yohji Yamamoto: The ATTA. This high top sneaker features a zipper at the top of the shoe, matching laces, and premium leather on the midsole. The signature adidas stripes and Y–3 logo have also been added onto the shoe to create a unique minimal style shoe. adidas fans will love the shoe, but what about the rest of us?


Cop or Drop?

adidas is almost like the sporting brand of Korea. Every Korean that I know absolutely worships this brand. I am also a fan of adidas….and love this shoe. It may be the hypebeast within me, but it looks sick. It stands apart from other shoes that we see in the market today. I was thrown off at first by the choice in high top style, but it quickly grew on me. Overall, the shoe has a clean and unique design that will make waves for sure.

Source: Naked


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