OG Streetwear Style #BizonCustoms

Brennan Bizon

What Are Customs?

Any sneakerhead that is active on Instagram has probably seen something similar to this on their suggested feed. Customs are when artists add their own touches to shoes, like the image above. The streetwear crowd seems to have mixed feelings towards this artistic style. Some believe that it destroys the value of the original shoe, while others love how it creates a unique look. Either way, these artists always manage to catch everyone’s eye with their wild styles. Brennan Bizon is one of these artists.

How It Works

Brennan started creating custom shoes three years ago and has gained a strong following on Instagram with over 11k followers. He works with the customer through the process to ensure that the artwork comes out to expectation. The shoes are prepped with chemicals to remove oils or factory finishers. Then the shoe is painted with Angela brands, which are designed to flex and resist chipping.

Custom artwork like this only adds to the sneaker culture and streetwear in general. A key point that many miss about streetwear is that it is supposed to be about individuality. All we see on social media are the same brands: Yeezy’s, F.O.G, BAPE, Supreme, etc. The market is over-saturated with the same images, which goes against what streetwear was meant to be. Customs switch up the scene, and that is exactly what the fashion world needs.

Website: http://www.bizoncustoms.com/

Instagram: @bbizon


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