Nikelab x John Elliott Collab #SuedeFade

Vandal High Nikelab x John Elliot Collab


Hype or Die?

John Elliot has decided to work together with Nikelab to create this new model of the Vandal High. This strapped high top shoe appears to be made from suede with a leather tongue and matching laces. The shoe comes in two colorways; Off White and Dark Green.

Cop or Drop?

Nikelab has been killing the sneaker game lately with some truly innovative shoe designs. However these shoes…are a drop for me. I am a big fan of John Elliot’s work, and his shoes are definitely beautiful with their minimal style design and nude colorways. But there is nothing that makes this shoe stand out compared to what is already in the market. Especially when you consider that Nike already has the Air Force 1’s. There is nothing wrong with this Vandal High, but at the same time, there is nothing great. But it will still be fun seeing hypebeasts fight for these shoes.


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