The adidas x Pharell Hu NMD #HumanRace

adidas x Pharell Hu NMD’s


Hype or Die?

This silhouette created by Pharrell Williams and adidas has been one of the hottests nmd’s of the year. They utilize the minimal shoe style that has been made popular by runners like the ultra boost and yeezy 350’s along with bold lettering that runs along the length of the nmd. Celebrities and hypebeasts alike can be seen all over social media rocking these shoes, but only Pharrell’s family and friends will be rocking my favorite version of the HU nmd.


Is There Hope?

Recently Pharrell released this new Hu nmd that you can see above. It comes in a vibrant pink color with Japanese kanji that translates to “Friends” and “Family”. They are my personal favorite already from the Human Race collection as the Japanese kanji fits perfectly with the shoe. All in all, the shoe comes together beautifully and is a work of art. Unfortunately these shoes are reserved for friends and family only as the kanji suggests. However, don’t weep quite yet. With such a positive response from the public, I doubt that these shoes will be forever from our grasp. I have a feeling that we will be seeing more of this shoe in the future.


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