Hit It Big: Intervene

The next brand that I have chosen to showcase for my series Hit It Big is based in Denmark: Intervene. One of it’s members, Jakob, reached out to me for an interview after seeing my advertisement on Reddit. His response left me feeling blessed. As you will see through the interview- This man was too real with me. Intervene will open your eyes to what Streetwear should be.

True Expression


Take Action Season 1 Mask/Off Hoodie $35

Please tell us a little about your brand and how you started up

It all started back in 2013. My mother was diagnosed with cancer in the brain. I was left shattered the moment I found out. It was an ordinary evening, all the way up until that. I had so many questions, unanswered. Then nothing was the same again. Ever. Thankfully I had almost two whole years with her after that. For that, I’m ever grateful. These two years changed me forever, from a problem-free, invincible boy to a scarred, vulnerable man.
These years I never had a saying in anything. I was not important, nor should I have been. Nothing could just remove my moms cancer, even they whom tried failed in the long run. It left me feeling helpless. And that’s where my brand came to me. Streetwear and hiphop was what kept me going through the hard times, and it felt like the ideal solution to all this. I want you to do what I couldn’t do, and do something about that thing. Y’know, that thing you always wanted to change? No one can change it but you, no one can do it better than yourself. That’s what I feel like is the right thing to do. I portray all kinds of things I care about on my clothing, and I hope I can make other people care too.

Sins Season 2 Not By Luck Tee $30

What Makes Your Clothing Unique?

I think the meaning behind my clothing really is a big deal, y’know? If there’s no meaning behind it, why make it? Why buy it, why sell it? And then I just think many of my designs are dope, haha. But that’s individual taste of course. I hate censorship with a burning passion, so tbh I just the stuff I feel like I want to say. But never just for the course of saying it. I’m working on a piece for that actually, haha.

What Goals Do You Have For Your Brand?

I’m the type of person who puts a goal in the stars, and even though I get hella far I never get there. I work my ass off, and try to be positive. I think my goals will be easier to set once I really get started, but for now? i just hope the people who cop my stuff never regrets it.


Overbalanced Cap $30

Final Thoughts?

Through this interview, we got to see that Intervene isn’t just about the fame or the money. It’s about what Streetwear means to them. With solid prices and dope designs, their pieces are definite cops. Don’t sleep on Intervene, and stay on the lookout for what they got in store for Streetwear in the future.

You can check out their website here or peep their Facebook right here.

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