Perfect Spring Caps #SnappyNotCrappy

Hit It Big: Snappies

As the weather finally starts to warm up, it’s time to bring the colors back out. This Winter, we have seen the rise in the “Homeless” trend style. However, the Springtime brings life to both nature and fashion. We will see Hypebeasts switching out their heavy layers and big boots for Bape shorts and FILA slides. However, Snappies brings the perfect hat for the Spring with their colorful and comfortable snapbacks that DON’T break the bank.

My Completely Biased Opinion

I will say right away, that these hats are not for everyone. If you are into that grunge style that has completely flooded Instagram, these are definitely not for you. These guys have done a fun take on the classic 5 panel hats with two designs currently. They have The Skipper in a dark blue colorway that sports a boat design along with white stripes along the side. Their other hat is The Holy Pugamole (Best. Name. Ever.) that comes in a light blue colorway and is covered in pugs and bones. They are also donating $5 per hat purchased  to Pug Rescues, which earns my respect.

But what I think really sets them apart from other hat brands that are out right now are the quality. They do not skimp on the quality for these hats, despite the relatively low costs.

The Skipper $25

The Skipper for example is perfectly suited for the water like it’s design depicts. Made with 100% cotton canvas panels with leather straps and brass snaps, this hat won’t fall apart on you. It also has mesh eyelets for that ocean breeze and a cork bill so that you won’t lose your hat in the water. Details like this just add to their brand respectability in my eyes, as they could have easily taken shortcuts to make a cheaper and lower quality hat. However, you don’t have to just take my word for it, here are a few words from Snappies themselves!

A Whole New Kind of Snapback

snapback explained
The Holy Pugamole $25

Tell us a little about your brand and how you started up

So my brand is Snappies. We’re a small hat company focusing on giving customers a new take on snapbacks. I’ve always been a fan of snapbacks, but because I wear my hats backwards, I’ve hated how the plastic straps would dig into my forehead. So, I decided to try and making something better. The rest is history.

What Does Your Brand Represent?

I’m extraverted. I like being active and doing sports, hiking, etc. So I try and design my hats the same way. I use bolder designs, colors, and materials because I feel like that matches my lifestyle and the lifestyle of Snappies. I’ll soon be releasing a hemp hat with a mountain/hiking theme because I personally grew up in Colorado and love to hike.


What Makes Your Hats Unique?

I’ve created a whole new take on snapbacks. Instead of plastic straps, I use leather and brass snaps on the side of the hat for fitting. It took me a few months testing out different materials, sizes, and designs to finally settle on something I felt would work.  Right now, Snappies is the only one in the market trying to make a hat like this. Sure it’s easier to buy blanks and embroider a logo on the front, but at the end of the day, if you’re not providing something unique, then what’s the point?

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Dressed for success. #livedifferent #snappynotcrappy

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Why should people cop your gear?

We’re trying to do something different and offer fans a better experience. Not everyone will like my designs, and that’s fine. I’m just looking to give people something new and different. Give snapback wearers at least one alternative to what they already have.


These guys are down to earth and just seem like fun dudes. I respect the quality that they put into hats. They’re doing what they love while bringing us something worth buying. And you KNOW I’m copping myself a pug hat to rock at Moonrise this summer. Plus…even Washington is hip to the cap game.



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