The hype has finally started to die over the ultraboosts and NMD’s. People could not get enough of these shoes in 2016. They helped push the sneaker culture to another level as runners became an athlete shoe AND a fashionable shoe. But this is a new year and people are craving something new. And I think the shoe to fill this role will be the adidas AlphaBOUNCE.

alphabounce image.jpg

What Makes This Hot?

The AlphaBOUNCE is formed from a mesh upper and a bounce mid-sole. Their are multiple colorways that range from neutral to bright. The design is very interesting as the mesh design fits very well aesthetically with the ridged BOUNCE™ that provides a almost shark-like look. The classic stripes on the the tongue of the shoe completes the look in a way that pops, but doesn’t come off as obnoxious.

Even though these shoes came out in 2016, they didn’t build hype because of the massive competition with shoes like NMD’s and Ultraboosts. However, they have the potential to rise above the rest in 2017 because of three reasons. The first reason is that adidas has been KILLING the sneaker game right now. Just by riding that success alone, these shoes will do well. Not to mention the celebrities and lifestyle influencers that will promote for them. All you need is one picture of Kanye or Jerry Lorenzo rocking these to go wild.

The second reason that the AlphaBOUNCE has 2017 top potential is it’s price. A lot of people view any shoe over $100 with apprehension. The Ultraboosts hurt my wallet for sure, not even mentioning the resale for certain colorways. However, the AlphaBOUNCE, doesn’t break the bank in any way. With the retail ranging from $99-$110, you definitely get your money’s worth in quality and aesthetic. The great part is that you don’t have to worry about resale spikes as they are fairly available to the common sneakerhead.

The final reason that these shoes will do well….is that they are just a good shoe. I own a pair of these, and I have to say they are COMFORTABLE. They provide nice cushioning as well as strong stability. I walked in these shoes for hours and my feet felt GOOD. The problem with Ultraboosts for me are that they are cushioned because of all that boost, but they don’t offer support for my feet. Walking on clouds sounds nice until you actually do it. This doesn’t even talk about the unique look they bring that stands out from other shoes in the market. These are a shoe that you can flex, without looking like a Hypebeast. Plus they go with literally everything, whether it is some fitted jeans, joggers, shorts, etc. Don’t sleep on these shoes fam, I guarantee that they will be hot.

alphabounce 3.jpg

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