Nike Air VaporMax Is Going To Kill The Game #BubbleBuddy

Nike Air VaporMax

The Nike Air VaporMax release on Air Max Day (March 26, 2017) for a retail price of $190 with much anticipation. Many Influencers, such as Jacques Slade, have already gotten their hands on these sneakers. Even though many of us are green with envy, these Influencers do give us an early in-depth look at what we can expect.

The shoe offers a Flyknit upper along with the new VaporMax technology that draws all the attention. There is also rubber sections along the bottom of the shoe for traction. The shoe carries the signature Nike symbol along the side of the shoe and the Nike name on the tongue. Vapormax is also seen  along the back and inner sole of the shoe. Two major colorways have currently been announced on the Nike site: Platinum and OG.

nike vapormax.jpg

Why The Hype?

Many newbies may not understand why Sneakerheads hold these shoes in such high regard. The Air Max lineage started back in 1987 and holds a special place in the hearts of many sneaker veterans. Some people like Tan Tang -one of my favorite Influencers- even started off their collecting journey with Air Max. So, to see these shoes releasing on Air Max Day just shows a respect for sneaker history while switching things up with a updated look.

And for the newer Sneakerheads….These shoes are just sexy! We’ve seen the sneaker market flooded with so many runners that tend to follow each other in an aesthetic sense. Even the AlphaBOUNCE which I praised in my earlier article, doesn’t completely break the mold. However the air bubbles on these VaporMax change the design in a way that you can’t help but appreciate. For sure these are a must cop…if we are lucky enough to grab a pair.


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