From Private to Public #PVT

Hit it Big: PVT

A Streetwear brand from New York, PVT carries both essentials and stand-out pieces. What hit me instantly was the selection that they had. Many smaller/newer brands tend to have a very select collection for buyers to browse through. PVT doesn’t do that. What I really appreciate from them, is that each of their pieces has a description of it’s story. Whether it’s something close to them or the inspiration behind the design, I appreciate that they share those details with us. But they don’t need me to hype them up, they can speak for themselves!

Traffico Tee (Black) $32

What Does PVT Stand For?

PVT stands for Private. It came from a drunk night at a spot called Crif Dogs. A old parnter of mine and I were sitting down chill’en, talking about starting a business when the B.I.G’s song came on (Juicy) and we heard the line,

“Smokin’ weed and bamboo, sippin’ on private stock”.

We kept repeating to ourselves, “Private Stock”, and we both felt that related perfectly to what we wanted to do.

What Started Your Journey Into Streetwear?

I have always been into Streetwear. As a kid growing up in New York, I moved around a lot but the one thing that always remained the same were the stores I would visit: Alife, Canal Jeans, Yellow Rat Bastard, Packer Shoes.

She look like art denim
She Looked Like Art Denim Jacket $150

“Fashion is dead, Art is Forever, but PVT is Something greater.”

What Dreams Do You Have For The Future?

No dreams, only goals to grow this brand to a level in the game that we are respected by both our customers and fellow brands.

gang tee black
PVT. Gang Tee (Black) $30

Final Thoughts

I appreciate the creativity and effort that is evident behind all of their works. They carry pieces that can appeal to the entire spectrum of fashion heads. Whether you need something subtle for everyday use, or if you just want to stunt on your friends. PVT is grinding up, I’m hype to see what else they got for us.

Even if you don’t want to buy their clothes… should check their site! Even though it sounds like I’m advertising extra hard now, they provide info for veterans and newbies. They provide news on the latest in fashion on their blog, which can be found HERE. They also have a sick archive where you can find different brands or fashion blogs, which can also be found HERE. PVT may stand for Private, but they’re opening the doors of Streetwear to the public.

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