The Color Of Royalty #AirJordan1

Air Jordan 1 OG Royal

The shoe that everyone has been anticipating is finally coming out this week on April 1st. They will retail at $160 if you are lucky enough to cop them on release day, but be prepared for some crazy re-sale prices. The Royals feature a black leather upper combined with tumbled leather for the portions of the shoe. There is also a white mid sole and royal blue out sole to finish the look.


Why The Hype?

If you check Youtube right now, you can already see quite a few reviews on the new Royalties from various Influencers such as: Nightwing2303Mr Foamer Simpson, and Richie Le. Their reviews vary from detailed technology reviews to discussion on pure aesthetics. However, they all agree that this is a SEXY shoe.

They. Did. This. Shoe. So. Well.

Everything about this OG retro is just right. They used the perfect royal blue that stands out, but doesn’t overwhelm us. The design is simple, keeping close to the original. Even the materials are A1, with the tumbled leather giving the shoe more texture compared to the buttery smooth leather used for the black upper. All in all, Nike went above and beyond for this shoe, and I am slightly scared about how much hype we can expect to see on April 1st.


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