Life Is Limited #FRAMED

FRAMED Limited Supply

FLS takes the idea of limited to the next level. What makes them unique is that they aren’t trying to blow up like every other brand on the block. If you don’t live in Fresco California, your only chance is to dm them on their Instagram (fram3d_limited99). This means that every drop is special. If you cop a piece, you can be certain that you won’t see a million other zombies wearing YOUR gear.

A growing complaint in the streetwear community is that everyone is starting to look the EXACT SAME. Many Hypebeasts have become the exact opposite of what the Streetwear culture is supposed to represent. Jeff Staples, the man behind Staple Design, described it the perfectly when asked by Complex:

“I like to call it independently created stuff. It wasn’t streetwear yet. It was just people hustling, doing their own thing without any business or financial gain. Just expression.”

How Did You Create FLS?

I started off by making only two shirts, just something for me to wear. I didn’t have a lot of money, so I worked a seasonal job at the car wash until I had enough for my first drop. My first drop in 2016 was when I actually got serious. I released 20 shirts which sold out within the first two weeks. My second drop was this year, where I released a few windbreakers- still in small quantity only. FLS is a brand that will always be limited, the name says it all.

What Got You Into Streetwear?

A major influence on me is Playboi Carti the rapper. He rocks a lot of streetwear brands that I liked, even though I couldn’t afford most of the clothing. I still dressed with whatever I had because it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.

Is There A Meaning Behind FLS?

I came to the U.S when I was only 4. All of my relatives lived in Mexico, so I never really had a family around me. The only way that I could see them was through framed pictures around the house. Those frames became the inspiration behind the name of my brand – FRAMED.

I never really had family around me I came to the United States when I was 3 or 4 all my family lives in Mexico so I never really got to socialize or speak to them or really even see them it was always through pictures around the house and all those pictures have frames around them so that’s kinda of how I came up with the name as well 

framed back

What Can We Expect For Future Drops?




Final Thoughts

FLS is going back to the roots of streetwear. Hustling without giving an inch. Making sure to express your passions with each piece. Finally a streetwear brand that isn’t trying to do too much. They catch the eye without being too loud, meaning that each piece could be the focal point of a fit. So you can stunt whether you’re at a party or chilling with friends. It’ll be hard to cop, but definitely worth the effort.


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