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Windfall 횡재

In the search for answers, I have found that I am not alone.

Growing up, I was told that I could be anything. But as you grow older and begin to mature, you realize that this is a lie. Sometimes dreams have to stay as dreams. This doesn’t mean that life is pointless, in fact it’s quite the opposite. While we may not be the next Picasso or Shakespeare, we can grasp fulfillment through other means. Josh, the founder of Windfall, says it best in his article Dance of the Butterfly:

“Through maturity we gain a fresh perspective on our individual flaws and capabilities, our obstacles and opportunities. We develop an image of our ideal self and strive towards it. We strive towards something we feel like we can achieve, because deep down we all just want to be happy. We want to successfully reach our shared goal: to live fulfilling lives.”

His pieces combine cultural pride and a message that he has cultivated through his experiences.

windfall girl.jpg

What is Windfall?

Windfall is easily described using two words: Concept & Aesthetic. I create streetwear pieces that look good, but also have meaning behind the designs.

The brand is an extension of myself as a person. I’ve grown a lot in the past few years, working on maturing and developing myself as a person. What I’ve learned in terms of empathy, truth, love, etc. and my overall perceptions of continuous growth as people. That’s what I try to capture with my brand’s designs.


There is a section of your site called Reflections. Could you tell us a little about it?

So, in additon to creating art, I’ve been writing for a while too. It’s a great way to sort out your thoughts and keep records of how your thoughts change and mature. “Reflections” is where I talk about the thoughts and intent that inspired the pieces. I plan on it becoming much more streamlined (currently working on the posts for these new pieces), and having it more clear which “stories” go with each design. Right now it’s a bit ambiguous, I’m working on it.


What is the meaning behind The Jester?

The jester symbolizes the journey of self-discovery. Mine personally, but anyone’s really. The key to understanding purpose and wisdom is to acknowledge that you don’t know everything, and you can’t know everything. I actually see my “mascot” as a fool, which is a bit different from a jester. A jester is an occupation, a fool is a way of a life. It’s a different life than most people present to the world, brands especially. Our lifestyle is more about humility, love, exploring ideas of truth introspectively and existentially. Which is seen as a “foolish” way of living to many people.


You just dropped your latest collection, Winter Butterfly. What was the meaning and influence for this one?

I’m super proud of Winter Butterfly. This was the first drop where I drew literally every single piece, even the embroidered mugunghwa branch. Because it meant that much to me. I’m half Korean and American, and one key aspect of my growth was reconciling these two different cultures into my own identity. I wanted to explore more of my Korean roots, while interpreting it through a more Western lens. It was challenging, but I loved every minute of it.
Winter Butterfly is a continuation of the previous two drops, Jade Butterfly and Madama. And they all have continuing “storylines” if you will with what i’m trying to express with each one. Winter Butterfly has an emphasis on the consequences and dangers of materialism, and connecting with one another as just human beings. This was a particularly interesting concept to explore in Korean culture since Koreans are so nationalistic and proud of their heritage. Being a mixed Korean still can earn you dirty looks in some parts of the world. I made sure to give due respect to the culture and heritage, while still giving some criticism here and there, with a push for more acceptance of people. Like anything, it’s all a fine balance.
What goals do you have for the future of Windfall?
I’d rather not have any expectations for the brand. I’m just kind of creating because it feels right. I work full-time, I’m in a full-time relationship, and I have a full-time doggo, so it definitely takes a toll on me to do this right now. Ideally Windfall would be a full-time gig within 5 years. I’m gaining more traction on the website, more sales, I’m booking larger festivals to vend at. It’s growing slowly but surely. But we’ll just have to see where it goes.
Final Thoughts
Windfall is more than just another Streetwear brand. It is the personification of an individual who has grown into his own. Behind each piece is a different message interwoven within cloth and design. Even the articles explaining each piece are eloquent and thought provoking. It is almost as if he is writing a stylized letter to each buyer saying- THIS is what you are getting.
Whether you like the designs or not, I encourage checking out Windfall Clothing 횡재. I will end this post with a few words from Josh that stuck with me.

“Never stop searching for answers. Keep exploring, continue learning, stay humble, and through it all, know that you are not alone. We all question our purpose, trying to make sense of the world we live in. But that’s what unites us as human beings.

That’s what makes this wild ride all worthwhile.”


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