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Top Ten Sneaker Youtubers

Sneaker culture has quickly risen to the forefront of mainstream media. Whether it’s the latest Yeezy release or yet another Air Jordan retro, sneakers are in the spotlight. As attention toward sneakers grow, we have seen the rise of Sneakerhead Youtubers. While they all share a love for sneakers, the content that they provide widely varies. From sneaker news to in-depth reviews, each of these Youtubers specializes in something different.

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion and there are definitely content creators that I missed. Here are my top ten sneaker Youtubers!

10. Richie Le

richie le

A Vietnamese YouTuber based in Seattle, Richie Le initially became popular through his work with the Fung Bros. However, he has quickly gathered his own following on YouTube with content ranging from basketball to streetwear and sneakers. Many of Richie’s videos focus on the latest sneaker news or fashion tutorials, which is perfect for the newbies out there. He also works with his friends, Tan Tang and Johnny Chim. They bring their own personalities into the mix that makes each video natural and fun. Not to mention Richie’s dog, Sky Pilot, the world’s chillest dog.  Richie often gets teased by his fans for his obsession with the color olive and distressing in his pants (He even has a DIY jean distressing video; THAT is how much he loves it), but he is a down to earth guy that shows his passion for fashion in each video. One of my personal YouTubers, he is only low on this list because he doesn’t do exclusively sneaker content. But if you are looking for a fun channel that doesn’t get too technical about sneakers, this is the one for you.

9. PinoE


PinoE is not afraid to murder people. Not in the literal sense, but his roasts can get pretty close. PinoE is another YouTuber that speaks about the latest in sneaker news, but what he specializes in is exposing fake shoes. Whenever PinoE hits a milestone for his channel, he releases a special “fake” videos. In these videos, he exposes websites that sell fake shoes and annihilates them. His insults are always incredibly creative and hilarious. Whether you want news about upcoming sneaker releases or just a good laugh, I recommend PinoE. His vocabulary can get… colorful, so I would advise against letting your 12-year-old watch his stuff.



If you visit BULL1TRC’s channel, you may wonder if his caps lock button is broken. He must have the most clickbait-like titles that I have ever seen. Despite these loud titles, BULL1TRC provides great content for any kind of sneakerhead. He differs from our earlier entries, as his content focuses on buying sneakers and providing in-depth reviews. There are still sneaker release videos, but he actually cops many these shoes instead of just window shopping. You can see the attention that goes into each video with small edits that never fail to crack me up. This channel is perfect for those of you that want a quality check or to see how some sneakers look on a foot.

7. Jacques Slade


There is something magical about unboxing a shoe you’ve been waiting forever for. Some people even live for that new shoe smell (That’s a little much for me personally). Every sneakhead loves a good unboxing video and no one does this better than Jacques Slade. Jacques Slade especially caters toward the OCD sneakerheads out there. Each of his unboxing videos takes place in a clean white background and white table. This lets viewers focus on the shoes instead of any external distractions. Many of the shoes that he receives are sent by the sneaker companies themselves, which means that he often has the exclusive/early take on many coveted kicks. Perfect for veterans and newbies alike.

6. LegitLooksForLife


Who doesn’t like a good deal? LegitLooksForLife a.k.a Tim The Actor specializes in finding sneakers for steals. Most of Tim’s content follows his adventures as he combs through thrift stores, malls, and Ross’s to find nice kicks. He seems to have drawn inspiration from BULL1TRC with his titles, but his content is great. His adventures personify the ideals of sneaker culture; grinding through the trash to find grails. If you have a genuine love for the sneaker game, this channel will be right up your alley.

What I love about this channel is that it is so relatable for the younger sneakheads out there. Most teens/young adults don’t have a whole lot of money. Whether it’s due to a lack of income or “recreational” costs, (Partying isn’t cheap) most can’t afford to buy the latest kicks. This channel shows that you CAN buy nice shoes without breaking the bank, if you are smart and search hard enough.

5. Mr. Foamer Simpson


I never had beard envy until I stumbled across this channel. My word, the beards that these two brothers have would put a lumberjack to shame. Besides my newfound admiration for facial hair, this is a great YouTube channel. With content that varies from sneaker news to release reviews, there is a little something for everyone. What sets them apart from the rest though is how personable they are. After watching a single video, I wanted to be friends with them. The relationship they have as siblings works perfectly while their personalities and sense of humor sync up perfectly.

Something that a lot of hopeful YouTube stars might find cool is that every intro is done by a fan. They do a quick shoutout and say the iconic phrase, “Anything else would be uncivilized”. I love that they do something small to show some love for their supporters. Once you get to the actual videos, they keep you hooked with funny vlogging videos and sneaker reviews. You get to enjoy both the product and the lifestyle.

4. Nightwing2303


If you have been in the sneaker game for a while, you’ve probably checked out at least a few of Nightwing’s videos. This is a man that knows his sneaker technology inside and out. Nightwing is more for the veterans, because his sneaker reviews can get fairly in-depth. There are no flashy titles or crazy antics in his videos, just solid content. Any questions that you might have about durability or performance will be covered in his videos. I recommend checking out his videos if you are thinking about purchasing a performance sneaker- especially for basketball shoes.

3. Brad Hall

brad hall

This…is the most unique YouTuber on our list. If you ever wanted to know what a real-life Squidward would be like, this is as close as you will ever get. I can’t help but laugh every time I see this man do a sneaker review. With the most monotone voice that has ever existed, Brad Hall reviews some of the hottest sneakers in the game. Nowhere else will you see a pair of Jordan’s matched with a button up and khakis. Despite his dull voice, nerdy clothes, and bizarre obsession with shoe horns- Brad Hall provides some of the best sneaker-related content on YouTube.

What never ceases to amaze me is he can make the simplest things into a quality video. He posted a video where he teaches you how to remove the tag on a Yeezy (HERE). If anyone else posted a video like that, it wouldn’t get a single view. However, his personality and dry humor works perfectly with the subject to create a hilarious video. This kind of humor remains unique to him in the sneaker world, because no one else could replicate his persona.

2. RetroSnickers


There is something entrancing about watching a master work on his craft. Retro may be young, but he has quickly shown himself to be an expert at what he does. The dedication and care that he puts into each shoe is mind-blowing. He makes a long and difficult process look simple. Retro collects old or damaged sneakers and restores them to their original form. The shoes that he restores range from a few hundred dollars in worth to over a thousand dollars in resale value. He also does the occasional custom project for those of you that prefer individual pieces. What is special about his channel is that he shows the entire process, so that others can follow his lead. He is helping everyone in the sneaker game by educating us on how to keep our collections fresh. You may or may not like his content, but you must respect his love for sneaker culture. If you don’t like his videos, he also sells many of the shoes that he restores as well.

1. Complex


The saying goes that two heads are better than one. Well how about dozens of heads? There is a limit to how much a single YouTuber can create on his own. Even by collaborating with others, they remain limited by logistical issues such as time and money. Complex is a media platform based in New York that is formed from a collective of dedicated hypebeasts. A hypebeast is someone that chases the latest trends, which is often seen by others in the community as a negative. But when your job is LITERALLY to report on the latest news, this is exactly what you need.

The Complex YouTube channel has so many different types of content. Whether you want to see what the latest Supreme drop was like or hear what 21 Save thinks of the Air Jordans (Hint: He wants to add a knife to everything), it is there. The fact that they are a professional media platform means that they can surpass the limits of the common YouTuber or Lifestyle Influencer. They can get connected to the major fashion companies and interview the hottest celebrities. While some may complain that this detracts from their “legitness”, this doesn’t take away from their ability to provide the BEST content for all things sneaker-related. What sets them apart from other media platforms like Hypebeast or HighSnobriety is that they relate to everyone. Hypebeast tends to cater towards the younger crowd while alienating older sneakerheads. HighSnobriety offers great content, but reports on products that most people can’t afford or obtain easily. Complex provides the perfect middle ground for newbies and veterans alike for all sneaker-related topics.

I cheated a little at the end by choosing Complex instead of a single YouTuber…but this is my list so I can do what I want. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below!


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