Blast From The Past #HIERNYC


Well, what if there is no tomorrow? 

There wasn’t one today.

The rise of Apple, the end of the floppy disc, and the advance of cell phones. Yes, I am talking about the glorious 90’s. When things were a little simpler and brighter. Literally.


But isn’t that why we miss the 90’s? It stays bright in our mind despite the grim and grey times of today. Hier is a brand that recognizes this and is bringing the 90’s love back. Beuller is a designer/photographer based in New York that runs Hier. His brand brings a retro vibe that everyone loves.

What does Hier represent? 

Hier represents the past, the 90’s to be specific. I draw my inspiration from nostalgia to be honest.  I love that feeling I get from playing old video games, watching old skate videos, and thrifting dope vintage pieces.


What kind of streetwear are you creating?

I want to create clothes with that vintage feel to it.  That’s going to be the image of my whole brand; from look books to the clothes to the stickers.  Eventually I want everything to tie together and have buying from my brand feel like a time machine.  I want to bring back older trends that have been forgotten about with my cut and sewn pieces.  I have so many sketches already made and I will be working on this heavily with my F/W ’18 collection.


Why should people cop your pieces?

All of my clothes are only available for certain time periods and after that you can’t get them again.  If you buy a piece from a certain drop, it is like you’re buying a piece of history. There is no recreating that.

Finally, what goals do you have?

I want my own shop here in New York and an unofficial skate team.  There also a few artists that I would love to work with in the future. Finally, I want Hier to become a staple in the skate and streetwear scenes.


Final Thoughts

Nostalgia is like the bedroom of your mind. It is a comforting place where you can escape the harsh realities of life. I love that Hier taps into that nostalgia and creates a physical manifestation that we can wear. You already know that I will be stunting in one of those jackets while I skate. Take a little of the past for yourself. You can check out Hier right HERE.


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