If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them #WDYWT

How Streetwear Should Change According to /r/streetwear

Streetwear has lost its substance. The essence of the movement has faded away. What once represented creativity and rebellion has become a culture of conformism and narcissism. This is not just my own personal opinion. I reached out to members of the subreddit, /r/streetwear, to see what they wanted changed within their subculture.  Here are a few of the top answers and my own personal thoughts on each:


1. DreamsOfNeonCities (135 points)

“Originality. Less judgement. People dress like each other so bad we have a handful of standouts.” 

I could not agree more with the point on judgement. The reason that we see so many homogeneous fits is because people are afraid to put themselves out there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone post a unique WDYWT (What did you wear today) and get utterly punished for it. In order for streetwear to grow, we need to understand the different between ‘different’ and ‘bad’.


2. lukecjohnson (69 points)

“My biggest problem with streetwear is that it looks cool if you’re into streetwear and you understand the trends and all. But to the average person, a lot of streetwear probably just looks ridiculous. It’d be cool if streetwear developed into a nicer looking style that could be appreciated by anyone, instead of just those that keep up with the current trends.”

I actually like that Streetwear is so out there. You’re SUPPOSED to have people stare at you and wonder, “What the hell is he wearing?”.


3. Gruntman441 (59 points)

“What needs to change is mainstream streetwear.

Streetwear is being defined as a few specific styles, rather than being extremely diverse. Just look up any Instagram or Twitter streetwear page, it’ll be full of branding, track suits, dad hats, layering, mugging, dark colors, roses, dad hats, and many similar things.

Mainstream streetwear is also telling others “you need this and that in order to be fashionable,” which is the wrong mentality and heavily discourages creativity and uniqueness.”

The problem with mainstream streetwear right now, in the U.S and UK especially, is that it is being commercialized. This means that creativity will often be sacrificed in exchange for profit, much to our detriment. In the end, mainstream Streetwear will probably be absorbed into everyday fashion. From there, it will be up to us to create a new type of Streetwear. Many individuals that I know are already switching up their styles and taking inspiration from Asian countries like Korea and Japan (My personal favorite source of inspiration is @tokyofashion.


4. MidgetShortage (32 points)

“The fucking face masks need to stop. Like, who thought that was a good idea? Y’all look like a bunch of anime edge-lords.”

I actually LIKE the face masks….But that is just my edgy opinion.

5. joey_miglio (26 points)

“People should stop interpreting trends so directly and figure out ways to style them differently. I see brands like Off-White get hated on a lot but I feel like everyone hates it because it’s usually styled in a similar way.

I also feel that the Japanese need to be looked way more than they already are for inspiration because there fits are crazy and on a completely other level but we all know that I guess.”

The popular thing right now is to hate what is popular. Just look at Anti Social Social Club. The amount of hate that brand receives on /r/streetwear is unbelievable. The way that the community complains, you’d think that Neek Lurk had personally kicked each of them in the nuts (I realize that they’re Gildan and blah blah blah, still not a reason for so much disdain).

The essence of the original culture is dead. We shall never see its ilk again. But hopefully we can bring about something even better.



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